Track Overlap

when i record a second audio track in a project i get the audio from the first track bleeding over into the second track. They are each on separate input channels so I can’t figure out why this is happening. It’s like the mix is getting recorded over in the next track.

any help is appreciated. thanks

Some thoughts… as an example, “bleeding” to another track could be caused by the sound from one track leaking out of your headphones into the mic being use to record on another track. Maybe you even had the sound coming out of speakers while recording through a mic. Sound can even get picked up by a guitar’s pickups. Maybe you somehow have the output of one track routed to the input of the 2nd track.

If I’m missing your point please feel free to get a bit more descriptive with your issue and also list some system/software specs.

Regards :sunglasses:

I agree with Prock,
I had the same problem with recording acoustic guitar through a microphone.
Cubase would also record the click track which was bleeding out through my headphones.
It was something that, on one track, was inaudible but over 3 tracks you could hear the combined sound.
As Prock says, this could be your problem.

Good luck,

Jim B

i was using keyboards directly into the audio interface, no mics involved. It’s strange but it only seems to occur when i add a new track using the ‘+’ in the tracks window. If i add a track from the pull-down >project >add track, it doesn’t happen. Almost like adding it with ‘+’ is inheriting properties of previous tracks.