Does anyone know if the apple track pad works with cubase 6. Not just scrolling Left and Right, im talking about zooming in and out. Anyone???



I don’t think cubase will specifically support one input device or other, but in 5 you can already zoom in and out holding down the command key and scrolling with a wheel or two finger trackpad scroll. I imagine that it remains in 6.

Is that what you mean? Or are you asking if this was removed?

Oh, I’m sure that the ol’ two finger scroll and zoom works just like always, I’d really like to have pinch to zoom, like in most other apps on the Mac, uncluding Logic Pro. It’s really nice being able to scroll and zoom with one hand. Also, another nice nuance in Logic is that the old two-finger “option” zooming works both horizontally and vertically, depending on which way you swipe. In Cubase, having to go grab the track edge, hold down command and then pull the track up or down to resize them all feels kind of old fashioned these days.
It’s hard to go back once you get used to - and then you find yourself pinching and zooming and nothing happens before you say “DOH” for the umpteenth time in a session :slight_smile:. Ironically, pinching doesn’t work on ANY of Mac’s office apps like Pages, Numbers, Keynote…

Come to think of it, it would be great if they could add support for 3 finger gestures too, like for scrubbing!