Track Panning & Bussing

Hello - I am hoping I can find some guidance here to a routing ‘issue’ I can’t overcome:

In my project, I have 4 Guitar Tracks (mono), each with an Amplitube 3 Insert. The panning is:
Guitar 1 = Hard Left
Guitar 2 = 70% Left
Guitar 3 = Hard RIght
Guitar 4 = 70% Right

I would like to be able to bus these to a single “Guitar” bus to be able to control the overall volume, apply reverb, etc… When I set up a Group Channel and assign each track’s output to this, I lose the panning set on the individual track and can only control panning on the Group Channel.

Is there some specifics on how tracks/busses should be set up so that I can have the bus track honor the individual track’s panning?

Thank you,

You’ve accidentially used a mono group I guess. As it’s mono, there’s no chance to pan the tracks routed into it.

Just use a stereo group instead.

Hi MarQs, That was exactly it. Thank you for the suggestion!