Track pics on I/O channels - Project vs Mixconsole

There seems to be some problem with how Track Pictures are implemented on Input & Output channels.

  1. Create a new Project with an input channel.
  2. In the MixConsole toggle the input’s Automation R/W on & then off (This step causes the input channel to be available in the Project window).
  3. In the MixConsole double-click the input channel’s Track Picture slot. The picture browser will not open.
  4. In the Project Window double-click the input channel’s Track Picture slot, which does open the picture browser.
  5. Select a picture & close the picture browser. The new picture now appears in the Project Window but not the MixConsole.

Confirmed, it seems the MixConsole doesn’t support pictures for the Input/Output Channels. Of course, there is no logical reason for this.

There seems to be a related issue with Track Colors on the inputs & outputs.