Track Pictures for Inputs and Outputs

Hi - Is there a way of getting the Main Inputs and Outputs to use ‘Track Pictures’?
Is there a ‘hack’ or something to do this. I believe I have seen it (icons for the stereo out at least) in some Tom Holkenborg /Junkie XL Youtube vids.
They (the pictures) really help me - much to my uncool dismay.
Cubase Pro 9.0.30

Works the same way as in any other track.

Nope. Try putting a pic on an input channel - the pic browser will not open.

+1 OP

However this thread should be in the Feature Request sub-forum.

You would think -eh? It doesn’t on Pro 9.+

Thanks - I’ll put a feature request in.

Sorry, had tried in Pro 8, where it does work. :blush:

No worries, I did wonder about that actually - Definitely going to request it right now in that case.
Cheers mate

I think there must be some confusion as Cubase has never allowed pics on the I/O channels since MixConsole pics were introduced. I actually put in a feature request for this back in (gulp) 2012.

I just confirmed that you can’t put pics on I/O channels in Cubase 9, 8.5, 8 & 7.5 (oldest I have installed).

Back when it was introduced I tried it, and found out in about 5 minutes how to turn it off for the sake of my sanity.
How can you avoid clicking a track picture and having that picture selector pop up ?
If it was implemented with a modifier key to change picture and else just Select track when clicking, I would use it all the time.

The confusion is, I am not talking about the MixConsole (But to my excuse - neither did the OP :blush: )

I just confirmed you can, but in the Project window, not in the MixConsole

Yeah, I can confirm this behavior. Also you don’t see the I/O Channels in the Project window until you at least toggle the channel’s automation on & off - which is a bit annoying.

I always figured “they” in all their wisdom specifically designed it so I/O didn’t have pics. Now this looks more like a bug where the Project & MixConsole aren’t properly syncing. I’ll play around with this a bit more and then post it in the Issues forum.

Here’s the post in the Issues forum. Give it some love.