Track Pictures Madness since Cubase 10 Please Fix this ASAP

We’re not asking for crazy revolutionnary stuff !

When something is working just barely OK we’re not even asking for improvements
but Please don’t break things that were previously working in previous versions

Track Picture where displayed correctly in the Mixer window until Cubase 9.5,
since Cubase 10 picture are now displayed as “tiny weird graphics”

watch this :

For everyone working with big session having Track Picture Displayed properly in the Mixer Window is Very Very Important !

Also while we’re at it. Can Someone from Steinberg please explain to me what’s crazy gorgeous about adding an Empty Grey Square when there’s no Track Picture on a particular track but we use track picture on other tracks ? Please again we didn’t have that crazy square until 9.5. Please remove it for future Cubase Versions.

And also may this person tell me what’s lovely about the horrible green lazer color chozen for the pre/post fader that we all love so much ? Please give us the option to change this color for future Cubase Versions.