Track pitch changed to chipmonks. Not 44.1khz or 48khz!?

I listened back this morning to a track completed lastnight, which was sounding great, and today it sounds like the chipmonks. I have opened the project and it sounds the same as the chipmonk export. I therefore checked to change from 48khz to 44.1 incase the rate had changed, though the track is too low pitched in 44.1KHz as the re tunings applied need to be moved down to work, so I have no idea what has happened!? At 48khz the pitching tweaks i applied yesterday are perfect though it still sounds chipmonks - like a semitone out. I have a client wanting me to email it over quickly so am shtuck! So, what on earth has happened…!!!

you have non-matching samplerates.

Thanks for the reply. Ok, how do I fix the issue now for this track?

Hard to tell without actually seeing where exactly the problem exactly is. Basically of course all samplerates ( Cubase project setup, Audio files and Soundcard settings ) must match. Does not really help you, but as I said it’ s a little hard to tell, which one is the actual problem in your case.

Are you thinking along the lines of cubase playing at 48khz whilst my fireface sound card may have been working at 44.1 during the session, then on exporting they somehow synced back correctly.
The fireface is a few months old and not exactly the easiest of things to understand as it’s a bit fiddly.

It´s probably something like that. If you get Chipmunk, the audio has a lower samplerate than the soundcard / Cubase project is at the moment running at. You can check in the pool what samplerate the audio has, then check the project samplerate, if they are different, change the project samplerate to the audio samplerate, without converting the audio damplerate.
Btw- IIRC the FF 800 has a +/- 10% varispeed setting (though that will not make it sound chipmunk).

Cheers for that. I checked the pool and it is a at 48khz. So I went over to the vary speed option and put it down to-5 is better, though sadly it does not export at that pitch when playing the mp3 on a different system. I am assuming that I will probably need to record to an external source to keep the pitch alterations. Lol grr

You should not change the varispeed option on the FF. Your problem lies somewhere in the Project- / Soundcars setings. The almost 1 semitone variation indicates a 44,1 kHz file being played at 48 kHz samplerate.
So what happens if you take your original “chipmunk” project, open it, and convert the project samplerate to 44,1 kHz without converting the audio (pop up dialogue)

Only problem is when I change from 48 to 44.1 the pitch correction I applied yesterday is incorrect, it is as if it should be 46?! That’s just weird I know.

What seems to be the only way around it is to varyspeed it, then run it out via export to 44.1, then soundforge it to the right pitch, then time compression!?! Lol… help

That was with offline processing, variaudio, pitch correct vst or what…? A little info is always a good thing

In other words, when resampling from between 48 to 44.1, the audio is to low in pitch. The pitch tweaks I had applied in cubase (varied pitch changes of notes) are high in pitch. Weird eh!

Well, therefore you should not resample, but only change the project / Or soundcard´s samplerate, whatever applies in your case - as I said, hard to tell without seeing.
And once again the question: Were the pitch changes done with offline processing?