Track (pre)delay functionality: add PPQ

I read up on C6’s new features and see no reason to be in a hurry to upgrade, but I am sold if this one feature will be included in a future 6.5 update:

I love the track (pre-)delay slider, but please allow us to toggle between milliseconds and PPQ! You can choose between the two (and even sample) in the arrange window and on the time-line, so why not extend that to the track’s (pre-)delay slider?

And make the PPQ correspond to the sequencer’s settings, of course. If I have it on 960PPQ, I don’t want the slider defaulted to 480.

If anybody else thinks this is a good idea, please +1 and hopefully Steinberg will get wind of this.

Or am I a retard and can it be adjusted already? :blush:

That would mean the track delay changed with every tempo change of the project then…? I personally don´t see any use for that ( but then I don´t have to…)

The Track Delay is (sadly) one of the unloved children, since years.
Besides no enhancements ( like the one proposed here ),
you still can’t adjust it in msec, the shift modifier does still not work as expected in V6
nor does it follow the standard of changing values, in the Info Line.
Looks like Steinberg’s Decision Sources don’t use it at all …

So … I wouldn’t hold my breath about a PPQ switch … ( usefull or not )
As a workaround , for the PPQ delay, You may select all events on a track and adjust ‘start’ in the Info Line.

bye, Jan