Track Preset doesn't contain Sends?

Hi there,
I created a couple of tracks for using Atmos Reverb and saved them as a track preset. But when I loaded the preset into a new project, only the tracks and inserts were restored, all the sends were missing.

Why are the sends not saved along with the inserts to the track preset? Is this a bug or a design choice?

And I don’t think a project template would be the same achievement.

Always read the manual.

"The following data is saved in audio track presets:

Insert effects settings (including VST effect presets)
EQ settings
Volume and pan
Input gain and phase"

Sorry for not having read the manual before posting.
I think that setting up a group of tracks could help speed up the process of building new songs.
Some DAWs, such as Reaper, allow us to save almost everything into a track template, which can be very useful.

Well, you can also just set up a large master template and import tracks from it instead of importing track presets. I know it’s not the same thing, but it’s sort of between using a template directly and using the presets.

Not sure why sends were not included in the presets. Maybe they found that too often people imported tracks presets into projects where the targets of sends didn’t exist with the same track number or name, making management of that situation a bit complicated. It’s just a guess though.

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Importing tracks from the project is all I need.
I really appreciate your help.