Track Preset - doesn't save level and panning

When I save a track preset it should save:


I understand that routing and FX sends won’t be saved, but why, oh why can’t this just be a simple procedure!!! I use track export and import all the time, but I don’t want to import complete new tracks into a project. I just want the settings I saved in another project to be applied to selected tracks. Simple!!!

This drives me nuts!!! :angry:

Don’t understand.
You are talking about Track Presets, but then you mention Track export/import.
You are probably mixing up two different features.

Save Track Preset =
-Right click on track in project.
-Save Track preset


Load Track Preset =
-Right click on track in project.
-Load Track preset

What am I missing?


Fredo, I’ve been on Nuendo since the very beginning…

Import tracks is great for setting up new projects or adding tracks to a project. I don’t want to add tracks. You can’t apply “import track” settings to current tracks. That’s what track presets are for…

Load “track preset” doesn’t include:

Panning, Level…

Am I missing something…?

I will explain better using one instrument…

I have an album project. Everything has been tracked in individual song folders. I have mixed the first song. (The 14 songs have a number of elements that are very similar - 16 drum tracks, 2 bass tracks, hammond, backing vocals, 2 guitars with 2 mics each) Edits and some mixing/automation have been done as per the artist’s request.

I want Tom 1 to have the exact same setting in song 2 as in song 1. Routing is the same in song 1 and song 2.

I right click on the Tom 1 channel in song 1 and save a channel preset.

I open song 2 and load that preset to Tom 1.

Almost everything is the same as song 1 - except - track level and panning. (I have to resort to writing everything down and manually apply the changes and when you have around 30 tracks it’s incredibly tedious)

The only way I can get that information to Tom 1 is to “export tracks” from song 1, “import tracks” into song 2 and then drag the Tom 1 audio file on to the new Tom 1 track. But, then the routing of the new track has to redone. This is another long workaround.

In Nuendo 1 and 2, (maybe 3) it used to work as expected. Level and panning were saved and applied.

Perhaps we could have an option of what information gets saved when you save a track preset? Like we have the option to choose what elements are linked when you use channel link in the mixer.

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I forgot to add…

The “import track’” from another project would work fantastically if it didn’t import the actual media file/parts from the other project (de-select import media still imports a part). When you clear the pool of unused media and empty the trash you can run in to all sorts of problems when you start deleting audio files from another project. I made that mistake once!!

Sorry mate, you have edited your first post which included EQ, Inserts and such as things that were not being included.
Doesn’t make me very enthusiastic to help you any further …

Level & pan is indeed not included.
Whether they should or not is open for debate and depends on very specific workflows.
And when there is automation involved -as you say so yourself- including levels don’t have any use at all.
If you want to preserve panning, then load a panner as insert instead of using the mixer-panner.
All settings of the plugins is preserved within the Track Preset.

BTW, Export/import tracks does preserve routing as long as the project structure & naming is identical.


I edited it to make make it simpler and to the point, mate.

No need to ‘help’ any further - these options have been added to Cubase 10.5 so, I assume we’ll get them in Nuendo.


I’ve found this post because I’m having the same problem: pan and volumen adjustment are not saved when saving a track present, AND THEY SHOULD, ACCORDING TO THE MANUAL. I’m on Nuendo 10.3 and it’s a pain qhen you have different pieces from a same recording session saved as different projects (it is a film music project, and we needed to separate the cues in different projects for sync purposes).

Have you found any solution to this problem?
Thanks in advance

In Nuendo 1 and 2, (maybe 3) it used to work as expected. Level and panning were saved and applied.

Yes, Robin. It worked as it should and as described in the manual on N1 through at least N5.5 (I haven’t had a chance to check N6 or N8) but it frustratingly no longer works in N10.3. :frowning: Like Franciscocuadrado, I too have arrived at this thread trying to understand why the fader level and panning isn’t recalled with a track preset. I have the same situation as you where I have multiple projects of individual songs on an album project where the rhythm section was tracked in a single day and want to recall most of those channel’s presets from the first project into subsequent similar projects WITHOUT HAVEING TO GRAB PEN AND PAPER to note the level and panning of each channel. For people like Fredo, whose unique and “specific workflow” negates this essential functionality (which at some earlier point Steinberg deemed worthy of inclusion), Steinberg should offer an parameter filtering option when recalling presets so that he can ignore level and pan and let the rest of us to resume working as (at least I have) for the past 20 years in Nuendo.

Hey Kevin,

I use the ‘import track settings from project’ now. It works like a charm. The guys have done a bunch of development on this and it’s saving me so much time. Fredo hinted that this was coming and he was right!