Track preset introduce heavy latency

I have this project consisting of 8 - 10 tracks and everything is working fine. One of the tracks holds The Grand 3 with the Magneto 2 on the insert slot and a EQ curve.
Then, the moment I saved this as a track preset, heavy latency was introduced to the TG3. All other vst’s in the project remain with “normal” latency and no problem.

The same thing happens if I create a new (empty) project. I load TG3 and the latency will be normal until I load the track preset.

Since I don’t understand why this latency occure I have to ask you guys If you spot something I do wrong, or if this is a known problem with track presets?

BTW -buffer size is set to 256.

Hi Whirly,

it doesn’t have anything to do with “track presets” but with the fact that the Curve EQ has an internal latency of 2332ms which will be noticeable when trying to record on a track with this plugin inserted.


Thanks Luis. I see that my wording were clumsy and can easily be misunderstood. What I meant to say was that I have activated the Channel EQ and I have “drawn” a curve. Could using the channel eq introduce noticeable latency as well? I think I tried bypassing all insert/eq/send with the latency still being apparent, but I could be wrong about this.

I think I tried bypassing all insert

Just to clarify, bypassing does not remove any latency caused by an insert. Turning off with power button in the rack also bypasses rather than turning off.
You must either open the plug and switch off or hold down alt (I think, can’t check right now) while toggling the power button in the rack.

Hi Whirly,

Magneto also induces latency, though not very high. As Grim said, bypassing plugins won’t kill their latency, so you should try “Constraing Delay Compensation” when recording on a track that has plugins which cause delay.


Greate! Thanks a lot for the help, Grim & Luis.