Track Preset Lists Not Consistent across project folder.

A few things are really winding me up with Cubase Elements 7 tonight.
In project1 I saved channel settings for the output bus. In the list of suggestions are a load of settings from all sorts of previous projects. I call up the window of another project2 and activate. I go to the output bus and right click but it doesn’t always give me the option to load/save track setting on the popup menu (problem #1)


When it does work then it doesn’t not come up with the list of track settings that was there when saved on the previous project (problem#2). Both in same project folder. I can’t see where it’s storing them because ive been right down the location tree to user content/track presets/audio and there are only the short list of 4 there. Where am I going wrong? When I go back to the first project there they are. Is there something funny about where Cubase decides to store them? Is it dependent upon the weather or the phase of the moon? Just came to do a simple evening’s work of copying the settings to the other songs that requires very little brain and this is really p’ing me off tonight. :smiling_imp:
Does anyone know where they might have gone to? Thank you.

Also (problem#3) the mixer sliders are too long for the window sometimes and no amount of window adjusting/edge dragging/divider sliding etc can get the bit at the bottom I need to select inside the window. If I drag the box edge the sliders just grow with the box. Sometimes it works when it feels like it. Is there a known bug with this? It seems like it just decides to do stuff on a whim.

Thank you.


  1. Use MixConsole Function menu, please.

  2. Are you sure, you saved the settings? From the screenshot, I can see “copy” only, not “save”.

  3. You can resize the length of the faders.

Thank you for your reply.
I managed to get things done manually but the menu problem is still there. There were 2 pictures. The other one is
I am getting the menu but I am not always getting the load and save options [my green circle] with the right mouse click. I only get the list as far as the items shown in first post. I try all sorts of combinations of click on it first/click other before etc but no consistency and sometimes only one hit in a hundred.

The faders were not resizing. I can’t remember which project I was in at the time.

I cannot find the location of track settings if I type in the setting name in windows search and let it run for hours searching the whole PC it was still looking and not found those files. It has decided to store them somewhere invisible. The one’s I saved in the other project are not in the location tree.

It seems like my Cubase is not working properly.

Thank you.


The Save Command is not available when the very 1st selected track is an Instrument track or other track, which you are not allowed to save.