Track Preset not remembering input selections???

I have a variety of configurations that I use often. Some are individual channels (e.g., create a midi track for a particular midi controller, or an audio track for a particular instrument (normaled in my patchbay) to a specific MR816 input). I also use combo track presets (e.,g. create a midi track that sends to a synth and an an audio track coming from the synth.)
When I create the track presets, the (audio or midi) input I was using when I saved the track preset isn’t saving as part of the preset. So when I open a track preset, the track types, names, colors and outputs are loading, but I have to go through and load all the track inputs.
Looking at the manual (yes, I RTFM!) beginning on p128, but it doesn’t appear that these settings are saved which seems odd.
Is there a way to have track presets recall input routing as well as the rest of the necessary data?


Do you mean it’s mentioned in the manual, that the track Input is part of the Track Preset? If yes, then it’s specified like this.