Track Preset not saving routing

When I save a track preset the routing isn’t saved, is this a bug?

Not really a bug as it is the intended behavior.

I stopped using Track Presets awhile back and instead use “Import Tracks From Project…” It will retain the routing if the routing destination with the exact same name exists in the new Project.

This works especially well when using Direct Routing


“Not really a bug as it is the intended behavior”, that makes no sense to me.
Thanks, I know import from project works but I’m using an Avid Conntol app on Ipad and I can se up very quick track presets on it but it’s kind of useless without routing.

What about Track Archives, would they work in your situation? Because they also retains the routing.

I suspect it is because Track Presets are the oldest of the three, and has some built in limitation that they avoided when they did Archives & Import. But that is pure speculation on my part. Is it having to select using check boxes that messes up your app?

Yea, this one was learned about through years of frustration.
Might I also add that if you have a template that uses presets for some reason the color behavior doesn’t work correctly. Another thing that took years to find out…lol

Actually, the track archives are the oldest - as far as I remember, they were already available as a feature in Cubase SX2 - and not able to save reliably the routing whenever a VSTi is used in an instrument rack slot (multi channels/outputs configuration). Same thing for the track presets : they appeared with the VST3 standard (Cubase 4) and are as useless as the track archives, in this case.

Added to this, the Import track from project… command has the same issue : if, for a VSTi set as an instrument rack , we select all the tracks involved (MIDI and VST Instruments folder, including its content), only the MIDI tracks will be imported : the corresponding VST instrument folder stays empty.

At the end, Cubase still don’t allow us to make reliable track templates (including the routing). This, in the 2021 year, and seeing that Reaper (2 developers…) allows this without issue… Workaround ? Carefully make as much project templates as needed : it’s the only reliable way to make things working as expected in Cubase. :pensive:

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I guess instruments can be saved as templates in the media section and other track types as a Project Template to be selectively imported, but it’s a case of compromised workarounds instead of a comprehensive method.

Actually, VST Instruments using “import track from project” works fine here, all audio out are routed correctly with the correct inserts and sends although midi tracks imported don’t necessarily get the proper routing , i.e. I I load say a second instrument of EZDrummer and midi tracks, the midi tracks are routed the the first instance. All in All, this works very well and is a welcome addition.
In my case, using Eucon soft keys to load a track preset is very quick and it would be great if it included routing.

All depends of what you call ‘VST instruments’ : if they are imported as instrument tracks, indeed, they work. But if they are used as instrument rack ones… See the following screenshots :

  • The first one is the original project from which I would like to import tracks in a new one : I used the Visibility panel to make appear just the involved tracks.
  • The second one shows the import settings I choose to import these tracks in a new empty project.
  • The third one is the result : all the tracks defined in the VST Instruments folder have simply disappear and the folders which were containing them are empty. And as I’m a sly guy, I tested this also with a Steinberg/Up to date bundled VSTi : Halion Sonic SE v 3.4.40 (VST SDK 3.6.13), just to see if, at least, a recent VST3 one developed by Steinberg would work. I’ll let you appreciate the result…

This is not a rant : it’s a statement of fact. We are not able to make reliable track templates as soon as either Instruments racks or external instruments are involved. And the problem I have with that, is that these two types of sources are, by far, the most complicated to set, as being often multitimbral, multioutputs or, more frequently, both. I’ve been waiting since Cubase SL2 days for Steinberg to implement a reliable all purposes track templates feature. Instead, we have seen different unreliable ones piling up, this, since at least 2003…

Beside this, I don’t really need the “Import tracks from Project”/“Track archives”/“Track presets” features for simple Instrument or audio tracks. The routing can be easily done, even more quickly than using these features, actually. Granted, I’m seldom in the case of having to import ten VSTis at once. But to each his own, I guess…

I see your point. I used to use rack instrument more but now I always use track instruments because I can save a preset with multi outs and it loads perfectly (except for the routing of course but that works fine with “import from project”).


In some cases, track instruments with multioutputs can indeed be a solution. But how can we use them in a multitimbral set ? In this case, we need either as much MIDI tracks as audio outputs or creating as much instances of the VSTi involved as needed : I know by experience that some of them don’t like that. Just to name one that I constantly use : Emulator X3 (yes, I know that I probably should use something more up to date - problem is that I’ve never seen a more featured sampler than this one, and I made too much work with it to ditch the whole thing, the banks/presets format used being apparently incompatible with other current samplers).

Additionally, it doesn’t solve the problems related to the External Instruments case which are strictly managed as instrument rack ones : I use three of them, all being multitimbral… :thinking: