Track preset UI... What the heck?..... (Is there a "snapshot" feature?)

I wanted to create a track preset (just to kinda test it out) to save my current track settings. “Snapshot” if you will…
I right click on the track (can’t seem to do it from the inspector), and “Save Track Preset…”. I see a clean empty list, which is what I would expect. I give it a name. “Bass Test”, in this case.

Then I wanted to test the process of re-loading the preset. I right-click, again on the track in the main view…“Load Track Preset…”. And I’m presented with some interface that makes NO sense whatsoever!!! What happened to my single saved preset? I don’t even know what I’m looking at. “Filters”… “Results”.

I don’t see a button that says “My Saved Presets”. that would make sense. There’s some neat little icons in the list of results. No idea what they mean (yet). I hover over the thing, and… wait for it… it shows me the same thing in the “name” column.

Dear god.

Save me.

I’ve attached the two UI’s.
All I want to do is:

  • Take a snapshot of my fader level so that I can raise it up for overdubbing some parts on a bass line


  • Sean

PS… I’m starting to realllllllllllly like Reaper, even after I dumped hard cash for the pro version of Cubase. It has already proven to be superb in so many ways… help me not sway!! The Steinberg developers should take some cues from the modern DAW’s!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Save PReset UI.png

For me I created Instrument presets that saved Instruments outputs levels pretty much everything.
When I 1st used it I swore they were missing until I then Hit the up arrow and all the categories showed up and realized there were different categories they got saved in. The instruments were distributed accordingly.

Dunno if that’s your case but figured I’d chip in.

At second screen shot you can see button “Create Folder”
After that you can name it as you wish and save presets there.
After that, you can open Presets, and only your folder

It’s a beautiful thing

Usually, I get rid of the ‘filters’ page by accessing the settings top right button in the load preset window. It is typically only used for Steinberg factory and addon presets.

Okay… so I’m okay with the idea of creating a folder for “My Presets”, and there even seems to be a “User Content” -> “Track Presets” -> “Instrument”…
Oh! There it is!! Not a very intuitive UI.
Thanks for the many tips. It’s helped me to find the needle in the haystack!

A couple things strike me as unusual:

  1. Why would I ever want to see anything other than track presets if I explicitly chose “Load Track Preset…”? There should be more symmetry here. When I “Load”, common sense would indicate that I should see the same relative context to when I “Save”. Duh.
  2. Where is the current folder path? I navigated to the user “Track Presets” folder, which is where I found that preset, but the UI gives me no indication whatsoever that I’m at the path: “/User Content/Track Presets/Instrument”.

Weird stuff.

  • Sean