Track preset - what? Use Import Tracks from Project

Hi all,
I have a bunch of songs (22 to be exact…) and now we’re going to add drums to them.
I would hate to have to make 7 new tracks in each song with routings, inserts etc.
So I have made a track preset with 7 tracks (all mono) and want to load them into the different songs.
But when I try to load this preset nothing happens. I also tried making 7 new empty mono tracks and load the 7 track drum preset… - nada.
Can someone please walk me through the easiest way to accomplish this ?

I’d advise you to use ‘Import Tracks From Project’ rather than Track Presets because unfortunately the Presets do not retain the routing. When you Import from a Project the routing will be maintained if the the new Project has destinations with the exact same name.

So, for example, if you have all your drum Tracks routed to a Group Channel named “Drums” in the source Project. If your destination Project already has a Group named “Drums” (or you also import that from the source Project), then your Imported Tracks will remain routed to “Drums.” But if the destination Project’s channel was named “Drum” (no “s”) your routing would be lost - it needs to exactly match.

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Got it! - Thank’s Raino :slight_smile: