Track presets 2.0

Track presets are a great idea. Sadly, I’ve never found a use for them until now since the functionality is too restricted - unlike a regular track, you can’t even assign a routing when creating a new Track Preset track. Pro Tools may have been 10 years late to the feature, but they have done it exactly right. Here is what would could be improved in Track Presets 2.0:

Save routing (and dialog on loading to change if necessary)
Save sends
Save colour
Save multiple midi tracks and output assignments on Instrument tracks

Some of this can be achieved with Track Archives, but currently that is very clunky and buggy. Track Presets 2.0 would be more elegant.

Wow, 222 views and not a single comment. Must just be me that finds Track Presets wanting I guess.

Of course +1

FYI…there are a lot of similar FRs for track preset improvements. Like this one and lots of others which are possibly hampering this effort.

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Dear Lord, let it happen please.

Huh - I did a forum search before starting this and came up with zip, but that’s a great thread. Added my +1 there, many thanks.

+1 !

Not using track presets at all, they’re almost completely pointless at present. Especially as it takes centuries even to be listed due to laggy MediaBay.



I like the concept, I think.

Can the Library Function do this better perhaps? I’ve not worked with that and may be way off in suggesting it.
I think Ver 9.5 has some better track handling implementation, not sure if it addresses your concerns or not.


This would be great!

I remember older versions of Cubase saved everything.
When you saved a Track Preset it saved all of the settings.


+1 its very good addition


Yes, this is way more important to me than any upgrade that has been done. It might also be linked to the problem of disabled tracks not saving all settings correctly.