Track Presets Cubase 7.5 to 10

Hey everyone,

Wondering if you could guide me.

I have a folder on my project drive where I have created a bunch of Track Presets (just some favorite tracking and mixing sounds). I have dropped said folder in the Media Drive window within Cubase 10, and it’s not seeing any of my presets. Is there a certain way to pull in the XML’s? Is Cubase 10 still using XML’s?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Most likely you are not scanning those folders to include their content in the Media Bay.

First set Media Bay so you can see the file tree structure. Navigate to where you put your Presets and check the box for that Folder so it will be scanned.

Hey Raino

Thanks. Yeah I tried the full disk scan, quick scan, and the Folder is checked. I think I’m going to head on back to 9.5 for a while. This 10 update has been rather frustrating.

.xml are track archives, not presets.

File/import/track archive.

That is unless something has changed in C10!