Track they include the Aux Sends Yet?

can someone with C6 please check to see if an Audio Track Preset remembers the Aux send slots yet.

i never understood why they came up and promoted the good idea of Track Presets and then “forgot” to include the Aux send slots. i mean, they are doing us a favour or they are not with this idea…they are right there, next to the insert slots (that it remembers) and the EQ (that it remembers) but not the panel right next to these, the Aux slots. I have to then do the 3rd procedure of doing the right-click on the channel and “load selected channel” file that i have previously saved, and this has everything that the “Track Preset” does PLUS THE AUX SENDS.

Why does a “Load selected channel” remember the Aux sends but a “Load Track Preset” not remember the Aux sends.
The whole Track Preset thing smells of yet another half-baked idea from Steinberg.

i hope they have got it right for C6. fingers crossed?