Track presets: Folders and outputs

2 requests for track presets.

  1. could we have a way to save entire folders of tracks as a track preset? When you load the preset back in, it would load all the tracks within the folder. Be great if this could include sub folders as well

  2. When you load a track preset (instrument track) could it remember it’s audio output configuration? So for example if the original was routed to a group, when it is loaded, it is assigned to that group

I just +10000’d this to another thread that asked for the Folder Track Presets. That would be awesome. For routing, I could see it being very easily implemented for the routing that exists inside the folder track.

But if you want a preset that saves all routing, I’m sure the implementation gets difficult. What do the tracks do when you try opening them in a project that doesn’t have all the same buses? And even if they do have the same buses, what if multiple buses share the same name? Would the preset try routing to buses with the same name as when saved, and if so, would they just route to the first one they find with that name? Or would they route to ALL the buses with that name until the track runs out of outputs? Or would it route to applicable buses that share the same track number as when the preset was saved? But if that was the case, I’m sure it would quite often fail because there’s a strong chance that the track numbers will be slightly different.

You could probably have a preset that only exists within a project. That would fix all those other issues… but then I feel like you might as well just have a feature for “copy/paste channel routing”… which I don’t think we have… I think we just have “copy/paste channel settings” which copies the routing and effects and channel strip settings… hmm…


and for the routing… I dont know how you guys work, but I have always the same structure/template in my projects, it’s as universal as it can be, so that this would definitely work for me.
If there are multiple buses with the same name, or no bus at all, just don’t set the routing, as it will not be possible to set it automatically in this case anyway. I am sure for those guys who are aware of that, it won’t be a problem, cause they will prepare their templates and projects to get it to work automatically.

I have the same structure as well. If there’s a problem could it not just default to “Stereo out”?

My reason for requesting this is that my template is now 188MB in size even though all my tracks are disabled. What I want to do is to save small sections / folders of tracks so that I can insert them quickly into my template as required. At the moment, inserting a track preset multi and then reassigning the outputs kills creativity…

I’d prefer “no bus”, if something is missing you immediately notice that something is wrong. If it gets routed to “stereo out”, you maybe don’t notice it first and build your mix around that. And in the end, fixing this could become a mess.

Yeah, this is what I’m talking about. You both have different ideas of what the default routing should be in case the channel doesn’t exist.

I’m not saying it isn’t possible. I’m just saying that I think there’s more to the routing from a technical standpoint than you might initially think. Obviously, I don’t think I ever have group buses called the same thing, at least not on purpose. But I’m just thinking in terms of the developers… like, what kind of bugs and kinks they’d have to work out… and also, really they’d have to like figure out how you’d prefer it to be routed… by channel number or by channel name or by some other factor.

So if you’re saying you want default routing, you probably should suggest how you’d like that to work, because it’s not straightforward. Great idea though! And of course, I think routing internally to other buses inside the folder would be a lot more straightforward.

I wonder if the new import tracks from project with its folder structure will help us in anyway? I’m on windows 7 so won’t buy it till I find out how it works on 7 or till I upgrade to win 10 (few months time).