Track Presets for VSTi, mixer channel order not saved

Hi All,

I am trying to create a track preset for BFD3. After create an instrument track, activating the outputs I want (in my case 4 stereo and 8 mono) I re order the outputs to the layout of my preference (Stereo bus for kick), mono tracks for Snare Top, Bottom, Side, Hihat, Stereo output for Toms, Stereo for OH, etc, etc.

I do all of this, save the track preset, but when reloading it, the stereo outputs always come first and my order is lost.

I know I can use a template, but I have many drum VSTis, so I don’t always wind up with the VSTi I start out with. Just curious to see if this is intended behavior, bug, or beyond the scope of what I am trying to do. Thanks!