Track Presets in another computer

Hello guys,

I’m updating my setup with a new computer and I need to use Track Presets made at my old machine.
I copied all the presets in the correspondent folder, my template shows the presets, I can click at them but nothing happens.
In my template, the preset’s name shows in the track “wiped out”(Pic 01), but if I create a new one, the color seems to be normal (Pic 02).
(Pic 01)
(Pic 02)

So, is there a way to use track presets made on another computer?

Thanks a lot, guys!


Is the preset applied? Is it just GUI issue?

Hi Martin.

Sorry, what do you mean by “applied”? Is not a GUI issue for sure, unfortunately.


Sorry for not being clear.

I mean if the Tank Preset is loaded. Can you hear the sound, you expected from the Track Preset?

ah ok.

The presets appear but when I click on them, nothing happens literally. The Instrument doesn’t load.