track presets inputs and outputs not working correctly

When I’ve been pulling up saved track presets (as in right click “add audio track”) the presets are loading with the wrong inputs and also with sends that i did not program.

Is this a glitch in the update or is there something that might have changed in my preferences?

I’m only going to “bump” this once in hopes that someone has an answer.

I may be pulling this out of my transom, and I’m still on N4, so forgive me if this is not relevant to your sitch. But: do your archived reflect the exact routing as the project you’re bringing it into? I’ve had this issue myself, and that was typically the reason, be it FX routing, or routing to groups, or where the groups were ultimately headed. Seems like any discrepancy could lead to having to re-assign the tracks. Which actually made sense to me even as I was wishing it were a “smarter” process.