track presets "Location tree" not complete. Presets missing

In short: I’m making track presets in Cubase 9.5. So far, a few instrument tracks, 1 multi (midi) and 1 midi track.
When I want to load a track preset, I can only see the instrument tracks. Not the multi or midi track.
Only the “instrument” folder is visible in the location tree. The multi and midi are located in the corresponding multi and midi folders, but not showing up in “location tree”. So I can’t load them in.
I know the solution could be so obvious, but I’m searching the net for a while now and couldn’t find anything.
Some help please.


The multi or midi tracks presets you can see in MediaBay.

I contacted Steinberg Support.
After deleting the standard presets, and with this the folders, there is no way restoring those folders within Cubase.
I had to reinstall Cubase.
Problem solved.

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