Track presets not saving PRE section

Hi, I’m on Cubase 9.5.30 Build 192
I have an instrument track with a Low Cut on the PRE section of the channel strip.
However, when I save this track as a track presets and load it again, the Low Cut is reset.
The rest of the channel strip saves fine, EQ is fine, inserts are fine, it’s just the PRE section that is not saving.
I’ve tried different tracks, same problem.

If I load a track setting into an existing track, the PRE section doesn’t update, it stays the way it was before loading the track preset.

However, I only have this problem with Instrument tracks, the PRE section saves fine on Audio tracks!
Is this a bug or just the expected behavior?

Right now I’m using the notepad of the track to write down the PRE config… the notepad does save with the track preset hahaha

Thank you