Track Presets not saving

Hi y’all. It’s a common problem on this forum, and none of the solutions offered have worked for me.
Cub 12 or 11, same issue. I cannot save a track preset. I’ve restarted, reinstalled. I deleted the defaults.xml and the RAMPreset.xml as suggested on this forum. No go. If I click on Load track preset I can get to a folder in the Bell tree that says User Content and I see all my own presets in there, they’re all mixed together, retrologue patches, FX chains, eq settings etc…) but if I try to save a track preset now I get a blank page, I can click on new folder and nothing happens, and that’s it, entering a name and pressing save does nothing but highlight the name I chose for the preset but that window will only close if I cancel. What instrument I use makes no difference. I’ve looked everywhere on this forum, and others, no luck.
Any idea? Thanks in advance.
Cubase 12.0.40, Cubase 11, Mac Pro 5,1 running Big Sur (with Open Core Legacy) plenty of RAM,

Same issue with VST instruments for me.
I’ve tried to give more permissions of my account to the “Documents” folder, no way.
I’ve tried to launch Cubase in administrator mode, licenses doesn"t like! :frowning:


In my case, on Windows, I’ve had to moove VST3 Presets in another folder, to allow Cubase to create a new folder VST3 Presets.

Now I can save my presets.

I think the VST3 Presets was locked by old versions of Cubase, anyway, I’ve also upgrade my system from Win10 to 11. So, no succes to unlock access privileges maybe.