Track Presets remember routing

Would love for Instrument tracks that are saved as Track Presets to remember their output routing (when Instrument Tracks are connected to VEPro 6).

All instrument tracks that load from a Track Preset default to the Stereo Output and having to assign them to Groups every time is less than ideal for workflow.



Jono, hi. Yes, I’ve seen this asked for in various ways in other posts. Also, there are, I think, some known issues with the Group Tracks with regard to importing and exporting. I’d ask tech support for help or some good ideas on this. It would be great if there was a preset function like this. If anyone could work out a super-macro for this, it would be you.

I have templates, partly based on your video, that route my groups on loading, but Presets for this would be excellent. Anyway, stop buying things and have a good holiday.