Track Presets

Well my carefully constructed track presets have gone walkies. Cubase did recognise them without a problem, could import them into a project, everything worked fine. Now for no apparent reason Cubase doesn’t see them. Yes, they are in exactly the same place, i.e. appdata/roaming/steinberg/track presets and they are all there under their respective headings - audio, instrument, midi etc.

Plus…plus…plus…Cubase doesn’t now see its own factory track presets and they are nowhere to be found in the Cubase program folder.

I have read a few posts which seem to indicate track presets can be temperamental, do I use the word buggy?

Ideas anyone?

I think I may be able to half-answer my own question. The ‘add track preset’ and the ‘load track preset’ command don’t work but the ‘add track using track preset’ command does work and I can see all my usual presets but not, interestingly, sorted under their respective audio, midi folders. It all seems a bit strange.