Track Presets

I’m confused on the new track preset functions. It says we can save the input/output. Does it still not support multi-out VSTi?

No one wants multi-out presets? Weren’t you hopeful that was what they were talking about with IN/OUT?

Does it actually work and I just can’t figure it out?

Is Britney really a blonde?

I’ve tried tonight in more ways than two to understand this but i don’t get it
It saves the multiple outputs as tracks alright but they’re blank and the MIDI track obviously says “input missing” as the VSTi’s not loaded in the rack… and as they’re not incorporated Instrument tracks with multi out yet i guess we could forget it.

The only Multi-out i could find were several audiotracks saved together… but then i think the function should be labeled something more approrpiate. Multipreset perhaps… Saving the input / output-state to one or more audiotracks feels a bit useless if the corresponding track’s not loaded as well…

As far as I can tell, no, there’s no way to save a multi-out vst as a preset. It’s a shame too, as it’s so time consuming to set up a multi-out drum package like SD2. I’d love to just right-click, choose a preset and have it load.

Oh well,