Track Quick Controls and Midi Monitor

Hi folks

I’m trying to set up my Beatstep as a mix controller but am encountering some problems in getting it all working as expected.

I set up the encoders on the Beatstep to output Absolute CC Numbers CC15-CC21 with values 0-127 on Channel 1
I set up Track Quick Controls in Studio Setup using Learn and turning each encoder on the Beatstep.
When each encoder is tuned I get midi activity in the transport bar at the bottom right of the screen
I set up Volume as a Quick Control on the audio tracks I want to mix
I get nothing.
I set up a Midi track with a Midi Monitor insert, select the Beatstep as a Midi input, set to All channels (just in case)
I get nothing.

Something in my pipeline is wrong obviously but I cant figure out what I’m overlooking. This should be stupid simple but I’m missing something. What??


Few questions :

  • In the Studio Setup > Track Quick Controls panel what have you selected, as MIDI Input port ?
  • Do the Pick-up Mode is ticked in the same panel ?
  • In the track inspector of a given audio track, do the value of the corresponding Track Quick Control change when using one of your encoders, and do the fader moves accordingly ? Normally, both should…

What cubic13 said regarding selecting Beatstep as the MIDI input port for the Track Quick Controls.

Also note that you have to set Beatstep into Control Mode.