Track Quick Controls and Midi Monitor

Hi folks

I’m trying to set up my Beatstep as a mix controller but am encountering some problems in getting it all working as expected.

I set up the encoders on the Beatstep to output Absolute CC Numbers CC15-CC21 with values 0-127 on Channel 1
I set up Track Quick Controls in Studio Setup using Learn and turning each encoder on the Beatstep.
When each encoder is tuned I get midi activity in the transport bar at the bottom right of the screen
I set up Volume as a Quick Control on the audio tracks I want to mix
I get nothing.
I set up a Midi track with a Midi Monitor insert, select the Beatstep as a Midi input, set to All channels (just in case)
I get nothing.

Something in my pipeline is wrong obviously but I cant figure out what I’m overlooking. This should be stupid simple but I’m missing something. What??


Few questions :

  • In the Studio Setup > Track Quick Controls panel what have you selected, as MIDI Input port ?
  • Do the Pick-up Mode is ticked in the same panel ?
  • In the track inspector of a given audio track, do the value of the corresponding Track Quick Control change when using one of your encoders, and do the fader moves accordingly ? Normally, both should…

What cubic13 said regarding selecting Beatstep as the MIDI input port for the Track Quick Controls.

Also note that you have to set Beatstep into Control Mode.

Hi, sorry for slow reply. Its been a while since I was on that project so I cannot remember the specifics. I know I did select the BS in the Track Quick Controls, and yes the BS was in Control Mode, but no I could not get any faders or values to move correspondingly. I think in the end I could not get this to work so I brute force things the old fashioned manual way. I’ll try to replicate the problem in a future project. Maybe it was just something weird with that particular project. I find that happens from time to time wity Cubase