Track Quick Controls vs. VST Quick Controls


whats the difference between Track Quick Controls and VST Quick Controls ?


edit: ok, I see it now… there are 2 sets of QCs…
hmm. ok… the CC knobs i assigned in VST quick controls dont seem to be responding.
also, when I use the track QCs, the change is not reflected in the Macro section of the synth (trip) - the QCs at the bottom of the synth are moving correctly…
any idea?

editedit: it seems that the vst QCs and the Track QCs are getting into each others ways… (they both are assigned to the same controls by default - and I cant seem to assign new parameters of vst QCs to a new slot with rightclick // track QCs are working fine)
test: set cutoff of trip to maximum using the big QC at bottom of synth (halion) -> now the cutoff in the macro section doesnt work.
-> turn cutoff QC at bottom back to minimum.
-> now the cutoff in the macro page works again.

So what was the difference? From what you said, it sounds like they’re basically the same thing with different names? For me the Track QCs are the ones that show up under Quick Controls on the left panel, still not sure where to use vst QCs…