Track quick Controls will not reset

Please help me get track quick controls to work. I have a Roland A-800 pro controller with a EV-5 expression pedal assigned to cc11. I am able to assign TQC to cc1 but it doesn’t do anything, on the track, I am able to assign the TQC to the wawa pedal I want to use, but still my EV-5 doesn’t do anything. I thought that maybe I could reset the TQC dialogue but nothing happens. Once and for all please help me, I have been on cubase for 20 years and have never figured out Quick controls


Could you attach the screenshots of your QC settings, please?

I’m sorry for not responding sooner Martin, have been trying to troubleshoot. It looks that I have a defective Roland A-800 pro, midi 2 sends a constant stream of cc’s

Got my Roland A-800 Pro fixed, and QC’s still don’t work, Here is a screen shot of my QC setup.2021-05-20T04:00:00Z


For the Quick Controls, I would set All MIDI Inputs as the MIDI In. I would recommend to select the specific MIDI Port.

Are you sure, your Roland is sending MIDI CCs 11, 17, 18…? Have you tried to use the MIDI Lear function in the window, please?

Thanks Martin, the Roland is sending cc11 out of port 1. I called phone support on 5/20 and he determined it was a Cubase bug because he couldn’t get it to work either. He said he was going to notify the techs and they would issue a bug fix.


What exactly is the bug, please?

The QC’s just don’t work, I called tech support last week and he couldn’t get them to work either. He said he would report it to the programmers and they would issue a bug fix. Would you check and see if any progress has been made. I have been dealing with this for months.


I have the A-800 Pro setup and working on my system, but differently than you. The A-800 Pro has 2 sets of MIDI Outputs: A-Pro 1 and A-Pro 2. A-Pro 1 is the keyboard. A-Pro 2 is all the other controls. I set mine up as two Generic Remotes. I think if you want to control Quick Controls with the A-800 Pro, I think you should use the A-Pro 2 as the MIDI Input.
Give that a try and see if it does what you want. I might not be understanding you correctly.

Also, check this Cakewalk forum post on how to set up the A-800 Pro in Cubase:
It’s the 6th post down by Monte. The post is highlighted in yellow. This is what I followed to get mine working.


Quick Controls are working as expected, here. And I know many, many users, whose are using QCs every day in Cubase. It does work. Something has to be wrong in your setup.

Martin, I have tried un, and re-installing cubase to no avail. Is there a problem with a roland EV-5 through a roland A-800 Pro? Maybe after about 25 or 30 troubleshooting tries, the pedal will latch until I actually try to do something. I need someone to use team viewer to try to get it set up.

Thanks SF but I have the Mackie controls working as expected, the expression pedal just will not latch to the QC’s. It will learn the cc number, but other than that, it does not latch to the QC.