Track QuickControls preset management needs improvement!

The Track QuickControls preset management is extremely rudimentary. There’s so much potential for greatness!


    • The preset list is just one long list.
  • You can’t reorder the list without hand-editing the XML file, and that’s easy to screw up.
  • Presets for Insert FX QuickControls are saved on a per-slot basis, meaning a preset for a particular plugin made on Insert 1 won’t load for a track that has this plugin loaded in Slot 2.
  • There’s no keyboard shortcuts pertaining to QC presets. (THIS FEATURE COULD BE ENORMOUSLY POWERFUL!!)

Enhancement requests:

    • Better organization for presets; a folder structure would be a good start, content-aware lists would be ideal (i.e., if a particular preset wouldn’t load on a track, it won’t appear in the list).
  • Ability to reorder and/or categorize presets.
  • Slot-agnostic presets (if I have a preset for the UAD Massive Passive, the preset will still load regardless of what slot the plugin is on)
  • Key commands to cycle through QC presets. This would be amazing and provide incredible flexibility, basically nullifying the eight QCs per track limit. I’m envisioning this for, say, channel strip plugins that has a pre section, a dynamics section, and an EQ section. There’s no way 8 QuickControls will cover all of those knobs, but if I had three QC presets that I could cycle through via a function key, I could control the EQ, switch over to the Comp, then to the Pre, without ever touching the mouse or even taking my hand away from my hardware controller. This would be so sweet.

+1 Please…