Track Rename Double Click Issue

Hi there,
Recently after upgrading to Cubase 12.0.50 i’ve been experiencing it. When I double click to change the name of a track it wont have any response, i try more times, after about 5 tries, then it works, so the name is selected and i’m allowed to rename it. Have someone experiencing it too? Any ideias?
Thank you


I just want to add that double click is bugging also when I click a Midi Event, to open it in Editor Window. Same thing, have to double click several times, until it works.

And it does this only in Cubase ?

Yes, only in Cubase.

did you fix this? I have the same thing - unusable!

Check your mouse double-click speed settings in your OS control panel.

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I noticed it happened only on heavy projects. Anyways, I’m now using 12.0.51, I opened that project and it’s not happening anymore. Double clicking on names works as expected. If I see it happening again I’ll report the issue again.

Something that bothers me yet is that sometimes when the project is playing, and I click on a track, just to select it, there is a little dropout in the audio.

Thanks @steve i’ll keep aware of it.