Track Rename Tab Stop Glitch

When renaming tracks on the Project Window, Cubase 9.5 no longer scrolls down the window properly when pressing the TAB key. You are only able to quickly rename only the tracks visible on the screen using TAB.

  1. Create empty project
  2. Add an 20 audio tracks
  3. Double click on a visible track title to rename it
  4. Hit tab several times
    -> Result = While the last visible track on the screen is highlighted ready to be renamed, hitting TAB used to scroll down the project window +1 track and highlight the name of the next track on the list. Instead the tab stop goes to some other location with the newest version of Cubase 9.5.

FYI… I just checked this on my system and hitting the tab button moves to the next (lower) track name. if I hit shift/tab it moves to the previous (upward) track name. These actions take place regardless if I rename the track or not.

Regards :sunglasses: