Track Right Click > Show/Hide Pictures & Mute & Solo Controls

Hello Cubase Support Team,

Here’s another suggestion. yet, I suspect it could be a bug.

Right-click on Track > Show/Hide Pictures works except for the Icon box that remains causing a not-so-pretty layout with the controls. i.e.
Screenshot 2024-02-26 at 9.33.43 PM

Also, the Mute and the Solo aren’t included in the Track Control Settings, Could we fix this?



Please, don’t add confusing tags to your posts. I expect this is not a feature-request.

This is not a support forum, this is the users forum.

I expect, you mean the Show/Hide Track Pictures function. It works as expected on my side. The frame doesn’t remain.

This is not a bug, it works as specified.


I don’t see any Track Picture on your screenshot.

I try to ask the forum members to keep the forum clean and organised, so it’s useful for the users. My willingness to help the users is not just helping with my Cubase knowledge.