Track routing/bouncing in Artist

Hi guys

I’ve run into a road block that i cannot get around regarding routing of audio signal.
I am in Cubase Artist 6.5 and I wonder if it is a limitation of the older version, a limitation of the Artist version, or something I am doing wrong.

I have an audio track with a VST insert that I am trying to bounce down to a new audio track. I have watched/read various posts on this topic and I have tried to replicate what I saw.So far I have tried the following with no success:

-Created a new audio track, set to record armed, set to monitored, solo source and new track, record. Only silence is recorded, none of the source track is routed to the new track.

-Selected Audio->Bounce Selection, which creates an exact duplicate of the audio file with none of the insert effect rendered into it.

-The user manual mentions freezing/rendering a track, but it doesn’t state if this is a Cubase full-version feature only. Needless to say I don’t have a freeze button.

-Created a group channel, routed the source track to it, placed the new audio track into the group. No signal reaches the track, there is no provision to route the group track anywhere other than stereo out, which doesn’t help.

-Created an FX Send track, routed the source track Send 1 to it 100%. Obviously that doesn’t allow me to route anywhere other than stereo out, but I was grasping at straws.

I know I can export a track to audio but I was really hoping to be able to record directly into a new track as this allows me to play along, adding CC tweaks etc.

Is there a way to do this in my version? Is it only something that can be done in the full version of Cubase, or maybe in a later version.

Thanks, hope this makes sense. I await your guidance.

I guess I’m not 100% getting what you want to do. Near the beginning of your post you say you have a audio track that you want to bounce down to a new audio track. Then near the end of your post you say that you want to record directly into this new track and play along.

I will say this…

Render in place (you call it bounce) was introduced starting with CB8 and as I remember the previous CB versions (maybe even the newest version) CB does not allow you to route an audio track output to another audio track. So I don’t believe you can do what you said you want to do near the end of your post (record directly into the new track and play along).

But… I am still confused because why don’t you just record whatever you want onto another audio track while listening to the original track. Then you can mix and do anything you want to your newly recorded track in real time or afterwards. And the bottom line would have both tracks routed to the main stereo out channel and you can mix the heck out of that summed sound.

Regards :sunglasses: