Track search feature? What does it

The track search feature will be of great help, but I didn´t see a demonstration of how the new hide function is operated, will there be any more videos on this?

An option for tracks not matching the search string getting hidden I suppose?

Will it work like entering the search string and only seeing the matching results midi/audio tracks in the track window, e.g. all seeing only tracks having “1st violins” in the name?

Also didn´t see the hide unused/empty tracks function, hope there will be some more videos soon


the visibility can be controlled via the new visibility management tabs (e.g. the racks for example).


That´s cool, I saw the visibility tab for the mixer window - but is the visibility tab also there in the project window where the tracks are?

Jumping to tracks which do match the search string is nice, but do tracks hide automatically which do not match the search string?

e.g. only tracks visible which match the search results?

someone able to explain how the hiding works in the track window… for tracks, not channels in the mixer?

  • 1 the videos focus on mixer, I cant tell either , the zap feature looks like a marker which we already have, I am sure its more than that but I just cant tell yet -