Track selection and color

Cubase 13 track selection is broken. When clicking on track it will not select any track event on that track.
Color can only be assigned to selected track but it will not be automatically assigned to track events.

It’s not supposed to. Use the command Select all On Tracksinstead.

That is how it works, unless the parts/events are still the default track color. Then, everything on the track changes along with the track color.

I select the track and Cubase assigns color to events on track bellow. That is clearly a bug.
Or if I select a track and all events on that track only the track color will change.
It will sometimes work if I select the track first and go all the way down to Channel tab and assign color from there. As if the two are not properly synchronised.


It has never worked like this, so it’s not broken.

If I change the Track’s Color, the Parts/Events colors of the given tracks change too. It works for me here.

How exactly did you change the color, please?

I created a new UI color scheme and now everything works fine. Really strange. I guess this problem is solved.

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