Track Selection Follows Event Selection In Key Editor

‘Track selection follows event selection’ should also work when in the Key Editor e.g.

  1. I am in the Key Editor editing three parts on three Instrument Tracks. Bass, Synth, Pad.
  2. I select the Synth event.
  3. The Synth Instrument Track is now selected.

My keyboard is now controlling the Synth Instrument Track ready for Step or MIDI input or general auditioning.

The Key Editor is designed to edit multiple events at one time. When we change event, the track selection should follow.

Is there some other reason you want the track to be selected? It’s not necessary if you need the keyboard to control the Synth Instrument, or for Step or MIDI input or general auditioning.

Activate the Record button in the editor, and make sure “Record-Enable allows MIDI Thru” is enabled in Prefs>Record-MIDI

Awesome!. Thanks for that.