"Track Selection follows Event Selection" Problem

When “Track Selection follows Event Selection” is activated a problem occurs while recording.

  1. Create empty project
  2. Enable “Track Selection follows Event Selection” in the Preferences
  3. Enable Metronome Precount
  4. Add 2 Midi Tracks ( MiDI TRACK 1 and MIDI TRACK 2)
  5. Create empty Event on MIDI Track 1 and select this Event
  6. Select MIDI TRACK 2, the Event on MIDI TRACK 1 is still selected
  7. arm “record - enable” on MIDI TRACK 2
  8. Hit Record - during the count-in the selection jumps from MIDI TRACK 2 to MIDI Track 1 and the new Data will be recorded into MIDI TRACK 1.

This occurs with Midi Tracks and Instrument Tracks. As far as i can see Audio Tracks don´t show this behavior.

System: Mac OS 10.10.2 on Macbook Pro 17" (late 2011) Intel i7 2,4Ghz 16 GB Ram
Cubase Pro 8.0.5
no 3rd Party plugins involved

I think the problem is solved. With my Pro 10.5 Version, its not happening.