Track Selection Follows Event Selection

When this option is active, it would be helpful if it deselected all other tracks that were previously selected. It mostly works but in certain instances it doesn’t.

I find if I use split screen in the edit window, I select a track above the divider then I select a clip on a track below the divider (which automatically selects that track) the top track will remain active along with the track that has been automatically selected below the divider. I use Q Link a lot and this can lead to accidentally writing automation on tracks that I don’t want touched as they have not been automatically deselected.

I usually run all of my group tracks above the divider and edited audio below and this issue can lead to levels being adjusted on whole stem/group masters inadvertently.

I also sometimes run VCA faders but put them into folders which I close to avoid the edit window locating the the VCA’s when I touch the VCA physical faders. When I touch the VCA fader which is in a folder that VCA track becomes active. When I then select a clip the VCA fader in the folder remains active. This also means that when I start automating on the track with the clip the hidden VCA fader will also be writing thanks to the Q link and the fact that the VCA has not been automatically deselected.

I understand I can change my workflow to account for this issue, but I still believe it is an issue that could hopefully be easily resolved.

I agree. I have the same problem