Track selection issue (Mix console\Arranger window).

I also confirm this issue, I made a few mistake when using Q-link that I don’t know why.
After that I figure out this problem with track selection.

Confirmed with 9.5.1.
Video was helpful.

Confirmed here. The only workaround is to not select tracks in the mixer. Please fix asap

Confirm oSX Sierra Cubase Pro 9.5.1

I’m afraid I have to confirm as well.
Saw this issue before here in the forum, didn’t think much of it. Now, in the middle of a few sessions, I can see how it messes with the tracks bad, especially at mixing stage. Please, Steinberg, let us know you’re aware and fixing! thanks

This 9.5.0 and 9.5.10 are such a mess…
3 months now and plenty of critical bugs introduced (mix console history, selection, automation, graphical and so many others)…

9.5.20 issue still here



hi @Detch ,
was this ever faulted with SB, i.e. to be more specific did SB issue an official BUG/CASE # ?


Hi @Stefk
I haven’t seen this bug in the known issues or anywhere else. But Mathias on another thread mentioned that he passed this bug to dev team and they donna look into it. But he said he don’t know when it’s gonna be fixed. So maybe it’ll be faster if we’ll be making more noise about it.

I’m having the same issue here. Really annoying because I’m editing two tracks without knowing…!!!

Regards, Thomas

Same issues here, is this anywhere confirmed by Steinberg, this is REALLY a big workflow stopper, to continuously check witch track is selected or not.

9.5.20 and still, this issue. It’s truly dangerous to me when mixing big projects.

SAME HERE. I recently ruined a mix because levels have changed increasingly.

Same here. I don’t know if it’s related but when I use a key shortcut (that I defined) to activate write / read automation mode on a selected track, it activates sometimes for other tracks too (unselected).
I made a post for this issue.

same here…

Just screw up the project badly :frowning:(((((
It disturbs every day but this time it went too far :frowning:

A after Musikmesse bumpy bumpy.
IT IS ALMOST 5 MONTHS since the start of this thread…
no awnser AT ALL.(from steinberg)
Please confirm… better… FIX IT

Support… Please