Track selection issue (since 9.5)

Track selection issue bug is still there, when is this gonna be fixed… PLEASE
the track that stays selected, is in a closed folder

Can confirm. Pisses me right off in 9.5.

Oh no, that’s what I was afraid of. Super annoying!!!

Holy ***! On one hand I can not believe this! But on the other hand, I believe, because it’s Steinberg.
Quick Link feature that you advertise on your site is broken! What the hell.

I’ve just installed ver 10, and actually, it looks like this has been fixed

nope, @Tsjah you’re right. still broken. thank you Steinberg.
Here we go once again
Steps to reproduce
01 create 3 audio tracks
02 place two of them into the folder and close it (folder)
03 on the Mixer Console select (click) on the any of the tracks within a folder
04 on the timeline view click on the track outside the folder
= both tracks are being selected. and if you have Quick Link enabled you gonna be screwing your project by making changes to both these tracks (or any numbers of tracks that are highlighted.

Nuendo 8.3.0 suffers from the same problem. Cubase 8.0.40 works fine in that regard though.
Yeah, this is embarrassing. Considering Steinberg released 2 last updates for 9.5 in such a short period of time most definitely means no updates for it in the near future (or ever).

I can confirm the issue in Nuendo 8.3 as well.

confirm that this bug is STILL NOT FIXED!

On Mac, same issue! Had it also with bugs on 9.5.

This one is driving me crazy!!

I am wondering if this Bug would be adressed in the new Bugfixed Version of C10…

Confirmed. Still needs to be fixed ASAP.

C 10.0.10 The Bug is not fixed :frowning:
That’s really uncool given that the bug is there since the initial release of C 9.5.

I confirm, not fixed

It seems that Steinberg fixed the Issue in Cubase 10.0.15 Update… Now fingers crossed that they fix the issue for Nuendo 8 as well.

Looks like it has been fixed!!!