Track Selection not sncing with mixer (single track select)

I have a cubase project with a fairly big track count and several FX and Group routings.
All of my tracks are propperly grouped into folder tracks.
When i select a Group channel in the mixer first and then select a regular track right after that in the arrange window , Cubase keeps the Group track selected.
The dual selection in return will cause a problem if “Q-Link” is activated since it will basically do everything i do on the selected audio track - > to the Group track like: insert plugin, changing EQ settings, etc.

Is this a known behaviour/bug OR Is there possibly a preferences menu entry to disable this ?

UPDATE: Here for you to replicate:

  1. Create a new empty Project
  2. Create 20 Audio tracks
  3. Open the Mixer Window
  4. Select the first 10 tracks (1-10)
  5. Right Click and select “Add Group To Selected Channels”
  6. Name the newly group to “A”
  7. Select the remaining channels 11 to 20
  8. Right click and select “Add Group To Selected Channels”
  9. Name the newly created group to “B”
  10. Go to the zones tab in the mixer window and set Group A & B to the right side of the screen.
  11. keep the mixer window open and go to the arrange window
  • move the “Group Tracks” folder to the top of the tracks in the Arrange Window, just above the Input/Output folder
  1. select a group track in the mixer window
  2. select randomly an audio track

What should happen:

  • the selection in the Mixer window selects the audio track only

What actually hapened:

  • Cubase keeps the group channel highlighted and selects the audio track as well so you have 2 selected tracks instead of just one

I’m using the latest Cubase build Version 9.5.20

Anyone ?

Same problem Here.
And Here:
And Here:

No awnsers on those.

STEINY, Whats up? Bug or pref

Thx Tsjah for checking ! I thought i am alone on this subject.
Very frustrating behaviour this one. Mixing takes forever just because of that.
Wrote a support letter via form to Steinberg. No answer so far…
Anyone else here ?

Same here…