track selection weirdness

Im trying to colorize a group of tracks, to do this there needs to be no parts selected in the mixer, so I ‘edit-select none’. After this it is impossible to select a range of tracks and the up/down track navigation is screwy. problem in 7.0-7.02, 32bit cubase on Win7.

Look at your prefs: Editing-Project and MixConsole

can you be more specific? I’m guessing you mean the scroll to selected…? I don’t know why this would not let you select multiple tracks useing shift click or ctl click. Also after a select none, the up/down track navigation doesn’t seem to work properly (skips tracks)

I was thinking of the wrong prefs pane.

What you describe happens if a part is selected and “Use Up/Down Navigation Commands for Selecting Tracks Only” is activated.

Are you sure that is not the case?