Track selection within midi editor

Is there a way to select different tracks from inside the midi editor? I frequently make a change within a specific track and when realizing that same change needs to be made elsewhere in other tracks, it would be efficient to stay within the midi editor and select another track. Using Cubase 11 on a WIN10 system. Thanks.

Not sure about selecting tracks, but you can link your midi events so you only have to make the change once (alt+click and hold+shift then drag the event)

The closest I can think of is, to use the editor in the lower zone (can be made a default in the preferences) and there’s also preference to auto select the event under the cursor on the selected track.

Yes there is: select different midi parts and open them all at once. Now you can change between them and only edit the notes of one midi event withouth effecting the others.
Also you could use the lower zone, lice nico5 suggested, or use the in place editor which is like a tiny version of the midi editor but in the project window which you could open for several tracks at the same time…
I hope that helps -

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