Track Settings (All On One-Line)

On the whole topic of ‘saving space’ it is very difficult to put the Track Name on the same line as the controls.

You actually -can- do it by making the Name width small AND moving it to the bottom of the list AND then Grouping all controls together using the ctrl key. But the visual is not exactly pretty.

It should be possible to have one-line tracks with the name left justified, with a decent amount of space and THEN the controls all together.

That would save a bunch o’ vertical space.

Such as this?

Try doing that with a MIDI track and let me know how it’s done.

All I can really tell you is to look it up in the manual, where it is clearly laid out.

Since you’re such a dab hand with screen caps, please post a screen cap of yer Track Settings for a MIDI channel that works like that… ie. with a single line. I have a theory.