Track solo's

Hey … where do I set the preference so that if I have a track or folder solo’d , then when I want to solo a different track or folder, it will defeat the other solo and only solo the new track or folder, NOT add it to the original solo’d track or folder. Thanks… Randy

No preference option…only the key modifiers.

Ah, so that’s how it’s done in Cubase - I was used to Sonar’s exclusive solo mode and couldn’t figure out how to do that here. I was limping along using the channel listen capability, very handy, but it’s not the same thing. The listen capability is turning out to be useful, it is something like Sonar’s solo “dim” solo mode, only it seems better. Maybe because it’s sends are dimmed as well? Not sure, but I like it.

Well, there is the preference “Enable Solo on Selected Track” using this, you would select the track or folder you want to solo, and the previous solos turn off. This pref can be bound to a keystroke.