Track stays in Linear Time base intermittently when using Warp Tool

This is an issue that I’ve had in multiple versions of Cubase and I’m not sure how best to solve it.

Often, I will play my ideas in on midi tracks without click. After this I open up the key editor and open the warp tool to try and match the tempo to what I played. This has the effect of switching the selected track to linear time base as I switch into the warp editor and when I unselect that tool and change back to, for instance, the arrow tool, the time base of the selected track changes to musical timebase automatically. This is, as far as I can tell the way things should work.

However, sometimes, even after I exit out of the warp mode, the track I was working on stays in Linear timebase. Often my tracks are so zoomed so small that the musical/linear indicator isn’t visible so I don’t catch the problem till much later and the track is, essentially out of time if any other tempo changes occur.

First, why does this Linear sticking issue occur? Seems like a bug.

Second, it would be nice to have a universal indicator to let users know if there is a track that might be incorrectly set. Further, it would be nice to have an indicator/button that can set all tracks to Musical or Linear - currently I have a PLE that does it, but having to do this defensively after every warp edit really destroys workflow.


Hm. Here it switches back to Musical time base upon releasing the mouse button, but that’s not what you see?

Right. Most of the time it works as above, but from time to time it doesn’t. That’s what I’m trying to figure out. If it’s a feature, I want to know what I’m doing to “activate” it, and if it’s a bug, id love a workaround.

What ends up happening, is that I’m assuming that it works the way you just showed it in the video. But then, after making a bunch of other tempo changes later on, I noticed that a track is off, and then I’ll see that it’s time-base has the little clock icon instead of the note. It is always one of the tracks that I’ve warped in the edit window.

hm. afaik, the only time the time base is switched permanently is when using Tempo Detection.

Or, if it’s actually a bug, try to observe things so that you can catch it when it happens.

Do you also use the Tempo Detection function?

I don’t use the tempo detection feature.

What’s weird is that this has been happening since w few versions ago and I even made a project logical editor to attempt a workaround.

I’ll try to see what causes it, but since I usually have my editor taking up the whole window I can’t see when it happens. Only after a part gets messed up do I realize that the issue occurred.

I hear that. That is what’s difficult about bug detection.

The project logical editor preset is a good idea. Look for tracks in linear time base and switch them to musical - Is that what you’re already doing?

That’s what I do, but generally my tracks are zoomed so small that I don’t see the icon … I only notice the problem after it’s occurred…

That’s why I use the ple and switch everything to musical.

I keep thinking I should just do that after each warp session, but forget to sometimes.

I edited the title to be more specific, maybe it will trigger a response from someone who’s seen this.

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